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Bed, Barn and Brew Animal Stables
Perry's Passin Thru Springdale, AR

A little history about the land and our home…
I built my home from stone in Oklahoma & cedar out of East Texas. This is my "labor of love" for my final destination. I moved from Arkansas 20 years ago, and didn't realize how pretty Arkansas was until after I left!

This land is where my great grandparents built their home many years ago. My great grandfather used to court his “future” wife, Lillie Rutherford, who was related to the Blackburns which founded War Eagle Mill, that is famous for the War Eagle Craft Fair now.

They bought about three sections of land & built their home here. The chimney of their home became a point of beginning for surveyors to survey off sections of land. The home fronted old Highway 68 before Beaver Lake was put in 1962. People would come down the highway in horse & buggy and use a ferry to cross White River.They grew wheat, soybeans and other vegetables in the river bottom before the lake was put in.


You can locate us at:

21365 Perry Road
Springdale, AR 72764
(479) 841-1900

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